So a friend contacted me to place an order for something sweet to celebrate her husband's 50th birthday.  So, I asked her. "Is there a theme or what does he like?"  She responded, "We love the beach and the colors of sea glass."  I told her I would figure something out to decorate her cupcakes. With complete confidence in me & my work (I was humbled), she ordered gluten-free carrot cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes.  In thinking about her order, I decided that I had to not only use the colors of sea glass, but actually make sugar sea glass to adorn her delicious cupcakes.  I made the sea glass in a shade of olive green and aqua/turquoise blue.  As I started to cut and mold the hot sugar, I began to see what looked like real sea glass. To be completely honest, I was quite pleased with the end product and seeing my friend's excited reaction as she glanced at her cupcakes, was priceless!