I'm super excited to introduce Push Up Cakes & Desserts!  Remember, the ice cream push up pops?  The ones with the Flintstones on the cardboard container? These new and modern push ups are made of a clear, unbreakable plastic that can hold any dessert...layers of cake and frosting, fruits, sauces, sprinkles, pastry cream, and ice cream.  The possibilities are endless! Push Up Desserts are a wonderful way to impress your guests and get that "Wow Factor" at your next event.  No need to serve or dirty serving utensils with this dessert...guests simply pick up a dessert, remove the clear top, push the dessert up and enjoy.  Also, clean up is a snap....simply dispose of the empty container when finished.  Push up cakes are $3.50 each and push up desserts are $3.95. There is a 1 dozen minimum per flavor.  Contact us and we can make up your favorite flavor for your special event.  

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